Experienced Python developer working on PyData projects and maintaining open source software. Working on the web, with data, and everything in between.

Select Experiences

Senior Software Engineer, Rebellion Defense, 2022

  • Developing AI tools for sensor fusion in autonomous platforms

OSS Engineer, Coiled Computing, 2022

  • Used Dask to identify performance bottlenecks when loading terabyte-scale Parquet data from cloud storage
  • Developed an ipywidgets-based dashboard to display cluster status in the Coiled v2 client
  • Refactored three Dask DataFrame creation and joining functions to improve task graph optimization
  • Added hooks for dask.distributed.Client to run user-supplied preload plugins

Core Developer & Steering Committee Member, Cantera Project, 2014-Present

  • Developed and automated build of Conda and PyPI packages for the C-extension, downloaded 140,000+ times in 5+ years
  • Maintain SCons-based build system for macOS, Linux, and Windows, supporting GCC, Clang, MSVC, and MinGW compilers
  • Developed and automated build and deployment of the Cantera website to Linode hosting
  • Received \$2.5M grant from NSF to expand Cantera to novel scientific domains and develop sustainable communities
  • Managed the 2020 community survey, receiving over 60 responses and leading to dropping support for Win32
  • Moderate Cantera User’s Group, responding to 1,200+ posts over 10+ years
  • Organized and led three training workshops at international conferences with up to 100 paying attendees
  • Mentored 2 GSoC students under the NumFOCUS umbrella, leading to two feature enhancements

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2014-2022

  • Produced 150 lecture videos, viewed over 218,000 times over three years, with 1,400+ channel subscribers
  • Led development of new curriculum for over 800 undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering balancing needs of students, faculty, and industrial partners
  • New curriculum incorporates modern computation for engineering including the use of Scientific Python tools
  • Managed 1-2 research students working on open-source software, plus 4-10 teaching assistants per year
  • Supported department administrative functions, including hiring staff and student communications
  • Research effectiveness of using Jupyter Notebooks in engineering course work for assignments and projects, published in two conference proceedings
  • Taught 200+ undergraduate students each semester, achieving median 5/5 rating on student evaluations
  • Deployed JupyterHub to on-premises RedHat virtual machine via Docker and Docker Compose, used by 200+ students per semester

Author & Technical Reviewer, RealPython, 2019-Present

Co-Chair, NumFOCUS Small Development Grants Committee, 2019-Present

  • Award up to $87,000 three times annually to applicants from NumFOCUS projects
  • Organize and co-host decision meetings for 13 committee members, ensuring each application is discussed in the allotted time
  • Provide thoughtful, actionable, feedback to projects that are not selected for funding


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2014
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2010
B.S.E., Aerospace Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 2009