Various tricks for using the LaTeX packages caption and floatrow

Today I had two problems with clashes between the floatrow and caption packages. The first was regarding hyperlinks and the other was regarding spacing of the subcaption of subfigures.

For the first, using the \autoref command would print the wrong type of float. The problem occurs when using multiple types of floats in a floatrow, for instance a table and a figure. If a table box in a figure environment is referenced, \autoref will print the type of the environment (i.e. figure) instead of the correct type (table). This only occurs when using the caption package. The solution is to explicitly tell the caption what type it is with a \captionsetup{type=table} statement:

        {\captionsetup{type=table}\caption{Should print "Figure 1" \autoref{fig:1}}
        Test & test \\
        1 & 2 \\
        {\caption{Should print "Table 1" \autoref{tab:1}}\label{fig:1}}

For the second, I was trying to move the subcaptions of the subfigures in a subfloatrow closer to the image. I tried using the caption package option skip, but it turns out that floatrow overwrites this in certain cases. The solution is to use the captionskip option for subfigure setup. If this change should apply document-wide, put it in the preamble. Otherwise, put it just after \begin{figure} in the figure you want to change.