All of the code below, and much more, is available at my GitHub page:  GitHub


Cantera is an object-oriented suite of tools to solve problems in chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport


Interactive state manager for thermodynamics. Enables management of a thermodynamic state via an object-oriented interface to the CoolProp library. Used in the courses that I teach to allow students to explore design decisions on complicated devices and cycles.


Python-based data analysis for Rapid Compression Machines. Promotes open-science principles, data sharing, and reproducible data processing for combustion experiments.


The open and libre Chemical Kinetics Experimental Database format, and a Python interface to enable interactive analysis of databases of fundamental combustion experimental data.


CanSen provides an input file interface to Cantera, similar to old-style SENKIN input files

RCM Temperature Uncertainty

Code to calculate the uncertainty in the end of compression temperature estimation of a rapid compression machine. Associated with the journal article On the Uncertainty of Temperature Estimation in a Rapid Compression Machine, 10.1016/j.combustflame.2015.03.001.