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Cantera is an object-oriented suite of tools to solve problems in chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport. Cantera is currently used for applications including combustion, detonations, electrochemical energy conversion and storage, fuel cells, batteries, aqueous electrolyte solutions, plasmas, and thin film deposition.


Interactive state manager for thermodynamics. Enables management of a thermodynamic state via an object-oriented interface to the CoolProp library. Used in the courses that I teach to allow students to explore design decisions on complicated devices and cycles.


Python-based data analysis for Rapid Compression Machines. Promotes open-science principles, data sharing, and reproducible data processing for combustion experiments.


The open and libre Chemical Kinetics Experimental Database format, and a Python interface to enable interactive analysis of databases of fundamental combustion experimental data.


CanSen provides an input file interface to Cantera, similar to old-style SENKIN input files.

RCM Temperature Uncertainty

Code to calculate the uncertainty in the end of compression temperature estimation of a rapid compression machine. Associated with the journal article On the Uncertainty of Temperature Estimation in a Rapid Compression Machine, 10.1016/j.combustflame.2015.03.001.